Sugar-Free Vegan Marshmallow Fluff

The easiest way to make sugar-free, allergy-free, vegan marshmallow fluff with an unexpected ingredient! This multi-purpose condiment & sweet topping recipe will become a staple and have you buying cans of beans just for aquafaba!




  1. In a stand mixer, combine the aquafaba, xanthan gum, agar, and cream of tartar. Beat at increasingly high speed for 2 minutes until it starts to look like whipped egg whites.
  2. Turn the mixer off, add the vanilla and powdered erythritol.
  3. Turn the mixer back on and beat at increasingly high speed for about 5 minutes until you have a white, glossy, fluffy, “stiff peak” fluff!


*1/2 cup of aquafaba is about 1 can of bean liquid. Simply drain the beans (chickpeas of white beans are best for color) and reserve that drained liquid. You can also cook you own beans and use that liquid too. Aquafaba is also very freezer friendly! I suggest measuring it out into ice cube trays or small containers. Simply microwave to thaw.
**You can store extra marshmallow fluff in a closed jar in the fridge for about 3-5 days