Black Garlic & Lime Cedar Plank Salmon

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Black garlic and lime add even more flavor to smoky grilled cedar plank salmon. You won't have to wait long for this paleo and gluten-free recipe to be cooked up; it's done in a snap and will surly satisfy! Perfect for a quick dinner or lunch!




  1. Soak your cedar plank for 2 hours in water, before grilling.
  2. On your salmon fillet, peel and rub 2 cloves of black garlic into the flesh.
  3. Sprinkle on some onion powder, black pepper, and oregano to your liking, then squint on the lime juice and place the 2 lime slices on top of the fish.
  4. Place you salmon on the cedar plank and then, on a preheated grill, grill the salmon (cover down) for 6-8 minutes, or until fully cooked and it flakes apart.